Fun-Filled, Action-Packed Digger Racing Experience Days

Digger Racing is as mad as a it gets, but it is a real good laugh. Forget racing around in super cars, this is where the real fun is. Okay so the top speed of a digger isn’t anywhere near the 186 miles per hour an Aston Martin DB9 can reach but then again, diggers weren’t invented for racing – it’s just some bright spark took one look at them and thought “what happens when you put your foot down?”. The result is a bone shaking bounce laden race around a track, competing with friends, family and other guests to see who can be crowned digger racing champion. It takes nerves of steel and sheer determination but even if you are bringing up the rear, you’ll still have a truly awesome time.

Digger Racing Events

There are a variety of digger themed experience days on offer, each to suit a different personality or skill base:

JCB 3CX Racing Diggers Activity Day

The original digger themed experience day and arguably the best. This great value activity lasts around half a day (way more time than a few laps in a hot hatch supercar) and gives you the opportunity to hone your builder’s bum as you’ll be in and out of the cab for three fearsome laps. It takes skill, determination and a little bit of cunning to grab the cone with the front bucket and race around the track, even overtaking slower rivals. Get extra points if wheels lift from the ground!

JCB Dumper Racing Activity Day

If you’re intimidated by the massive 3CX diggers then try your hand at these dumper skid steer diggers. They are much more nimble and nip around the course as elegantly as you can control them. Two levers control linear motions (forward/ reverse and left/right) meaning you’ll need to get to grips with hand-eye co-ordination. The same rules apply and it’s all about speed, agility and grace. Slalom around a course in double quick time without any penalties to be crowned dumper truck racing champion.

JCB 3CX Driving Activity Day

Perfect for those that would like a bit more time with a JCB 3CX, this driving experience lets you get lost in your own little world of digging for Britain. Learn how to control this beast of an earth moving machine before being let loose to digger your deepest hole or construct your tallest mountain of earth. This experience is less about winning and more about learning, making it ideal for budding builders and aspiring digger drivers. If you’ve tried digger racing and wanted a little more time with your digger then try this experience.

Komatsu PC210 Excavator Activity Day

Get to grips with the controls of the massive Komatsu PC210 Excavator in this hands-on experience. Spend an hour and a half digging away in this excavator learning the controls of this awesome machine with plenty of opportunity to hone your digging skills. This is your opportunity to experience first-hand Diggerland’s biggest and most incredible digger experience yet, and is a perfect gift idea for any digger fan! If you’ve had a go in a JCB 3CX you’ll love this supersized Komatsu PC210 experience.

DIGGERLAND Theme Park Tickets

Treat the family to a day at one of four theme parks located around the UK devoted to all things diggers. Each Diggerland is full of JCB machinery that has been especially modified to make it safe to control by adults as well as children, making a visit to the theme park a great fun-filled family day out. Who can dig the biggest hole? Who can fish the greatest number of ducks out of the pond using a digger? Find out who your own family champion is at the theme parks in Cullompton (Devon), Strood (Kent), County Durham and Castleford (Yorkshire).

Digger Racing Gifts

Digger racing is a great choice for giving as a gift or present to someone special. You don't need to be digger mad to enjoy the days, you just need a sense of adventure and perhaps some competitive spirit too!

Digger racing events are attended by a wide range of people, young and old, male and female, so there is no "typical client" for the experiences, which is why these vouchers make great sense for giving as a birthday present, a Christmas present, or even a wedding or anniversary present. This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime type experience that you simply have to try.

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Hi, I'm Dave, chief test driver, and in 2010 I was sent on an awesome JCB Digger Racing experience day. It was great fun and something that I never would have done otherwise. Bitten by the bug and now considered a JCB addict, I was then sent on the Dumper Truck Racing experience in 2013.