Diggerland Theme Park Tickets

Can you dig it? Oh yes you can. And your kids can. And Granny can. And Gramps too with these Diggerland theme park tickets. Diggerland is all about oversized family fun with dig-tastic machinery and action-packed adventure. From Spin Dizzy and Dumper Trucks to Digger Sandpits and Driving experiences, it’s fair to say this is a day out with a difference. There’s an educational side too. A day at Diggerland can boost youngsters’ confidence and encourage precision, concentration and coordination. You could see their competitive spirit coming out too, and it’s laugh-a-minute stuff. Watch their brows crease as they handle huge machines, dig giant holes or guide their rumbling ride around an obstacle course. It’s the ultimate in earth-shovelling family fun. Happy truckin’!

What’s Included In The Diggerland Theme Park Tickets

  • Entry to the park and all rides for the voucher-holder (excluding coin/token operated rides)
  • Kids (of all ages – including the grown-up kids too) get to ride in and drive real diggers and construction machinery
  • Great weekend and school holiday fun for all the family
  • Suitable for all ages (kids and adults alike)

What to Expect on the Day

There are truckloads of rides and attractions at Diggerland like the stomach-churning Spin Dizzy, a Land Rover Safari Ride, diggers and dumper trucks of all sizes, Dumper Train Rides, Dodgems, a Digger Sandpit, Pedal Power Diggers and more. There’s also the fantastic Sky Shuttle which offers great views of Diggerland from above.

And what could be better than a day in the company of diggers and dumper trucks? That’s right – actually driving one. This Diggerland Theme Park Experience is your ticket to a fun day out that’s all about mega machinery and extreme excavators. Even kids get to climb behind the wheel. No, we’re not nuts. Youngsters get to play Bob the Builder for real – complete with full size construction machines. It’s the ultimate earth-shovellin’ experience. Naturally, they’ll be under the guidance of trained staff and there are oodles of safety controls in place – but there’s no driving licence or experience required. They’ll be the talk of the playground for weeks.

Bear in mind that height restrictions apply to all rides and attractions, so the littlest visitors under 90cms will be pretty limited on the mechanical activities they can go on, even when accompanied by an adult. So this experience is best enjoyed by slightly older kids that are over the magic 90cms. For mini digger fans that don’t quite make the height mark, there’s still plenty of fun to be had with coin-operated rides, play areas and sandpits. And of course they can watch the machines in action too. Whether it’s gaping at great earth-gobblers in action or standing in the shadow of a ground-breaking giant, there’s plenty to keep them occupied.

For older guests (with a driving licence) there are also plenty of great value add-on experiences like dumper truck racing and special JCB driving tuition – these sell out quickly so you’re advised to book well in advance.

About Diggerland

Diggerland is home to a fantastic array of real construction machines, ranging from huge earth-moving excavators and diggers to dumper trucks and land rovers. The rides and machines have been modified so that they can be safely controlled by kids (and big kids too) but that doesn’t take away any of the magic. Instead, it means that youngsters and digger fans without a driving licence can enjoy the awesome power and cool tools of these monstrous machines.

The specification of each vehicle varies enormously and that’s part of the fun of Diggerland – you’ll get to discover the ins and outs of working machines and even the chance to climb up into the driving seat yourself.

Diggerland is based at four locations across the UK – Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire (please note that certain add-on experiences like dumper truck racing don’t take place at all locations – check the website or brochure for details). It’s an adventure park with a difference, where kids and adults alike can find out what it’s like to drive all sorts of colossal construction vehicles and mammoth machines.

There are various eateries and picnic areas on-site and also ‘The Goodie Store’, a souvenir shop that’s stocked to the brim with toys, digger related merchandise and clothing. Don’t worry if you erm, ‘accidentally’ forget your purse – Diggerland also has an online shop with plenty of digger-related merchandise for the kids, so you can still buy souvenirs when you get home. Oh, you’re welcome.

Other Things You Need to Know

Where else can kids get to climb behind the wheel of a real earth-moving excavator or take a giant digger for a spin? Diggerland is a pretty unique day out, and it’s the place to be for anyone who has ever pressed their nose against the car window or gaped in awe while passing a construction site or the miles of roadworks that litter the road network. Under supervision, children and adults alike can ride in and drive different types of construction machinery including dumper trucks, diggers and various other monster machines.

This admission to Diggerland includes all day access to as many rides and drives as you dare. It’s open at weekends, bank holidays (typically from February through to October) and during local school holidays, so it’s a no-brainer for bored kids and frazzled parents outside of term time. All children must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian, and it’s worth bearing in mind that height restrictions apply on all rides and drives. Kids under 90cm aren’t allowed on machinery, even with an adult, but there are plenty of other coin-operated rides and activities they can enjoy.

As you’d expect with a theme park, it’s mostly based outdoors with limited covered areas. Most rides go ahead in poor weather conditions but may be closed for safety reasons in the event of very bad weather. It goes without saying, but do the sensible thing and come well equipped with suitable clothing for all eventualities and possibly a bit of mud. After all, trudging around in the cold with squelchy boots isn’t much fun. Bring warm clothes, waterproofs, sensible footwear and – if downpours look likely – a change of clothes. You’ll thank us afterwards.

Food-wise, snacks and lunches can be bought on-site, and there is a souvenir shop too.


How long do we get in Diggerland?
Your entry gets you a whole day of dastardly digger fun. The gates usually open at 10am until 5pm, or until 4pm in February.

When is it open?
Diggerland is open during weekends, bank holidays and school holidays. Check the details on your ticket for the latest opening dates and times.

Is it suitable for all ages?
Yep. Everyone’s welcome (except the dog) so bring the entire family if you wish, and if you can bear it. Of course they’ll each have to pay the standard entry fee, unless your experience voucher is for a group or family ticket. Rides and drives are open to pretty much all ages, although those under 90cms will be limited on what machinery they can go on. There are plenty of other cool things they can do though, and they’ll also get to watch you in full digger action.

I don’t know how to drive a digger. Does that matter?
You don’t have to have ANY driving experience to drive a digger. Sounds ludicrous doesn’t it? You’ll be in the capable hands of Diggerland’s expert tutors who will guide you through the digger and dumper driving process, so you can get some serious one-upmanship on, well, pretty much everyone you know.

I’m a dare-devil. Are there any adrenaline rides?
Spin Dizzy has your name written all over it. Sit in a modified bucket and get hoisted into the air by a massive digger before being spun around at different heights. It’s a roller coaster of a ride. Just don’t try this one straight after lunch!

I’m single / We’re in a relationship / It’s complicated (delete as applicable). I/we don’t have kids. Can I/we still visit?
No kids? No problem! Adopt a digger for a day. Try your hand at some complex tasks or just dig until your heart is content. You’re very much welcome at Diggerland. All you need is a passion for shiny yellow diggers.

Spin Dizzy in action

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Digging with a JCB 803

Dig a massive hole

Playing Skittles with a JCB 801

Sky Shuttle

View from the Sky Shuttle

What We Think of Diggerland Theme Park Tickets

4 out of 5

We have rated this experience 4 out of 5 stars. If you and your family are digger mad then a trip to Diggerland is a must. Both you and your children can play on real JCB machinery to accomplish various tasks such as fishing for ducks, digging holes, etc. Some diggers have been converted into thrill rides such as Spin Dizzy which spins you around at high speed. There aren't any roller-coasters and the parks are relatively small compared to other major theme parks in the country but you won't find anywhere else that is so dedicated to yellow diggers!

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