JCB 3CX Digger Driving Experience Days

If your idea of a perfect day out is getting to grips with a mammoth JCB and discussing the finer points of torque and tension, the JCB Digger Driving experience will be right up your street. Forget digger racing and dumper truck challenges – this is your chance to get into the driving seat and enjoy an exhilarating experience on all things excavators. But it’s not just any old earth-mover. This is a JCB 3CX backhoe loader, splendid in trademark yellow, which you’ll get to experience in all its gritty, gutsy glory. Learn how to drive and control all 8.5 tonnes of this resplendent burly beast, take it for a spin, dig and backfill holes and much, much more. You’ll learn some seriously swish skills and feel the earth move as you pick up all manners of ground-breaking tips and tricks in this excavation escapade that’s seriously heavy-duty fun.

Digger Driving Overview

  • A 90 minute JCB driving experience
  • Master a JCB 3CX backhoe loader
  • Learn how to drive, dig holes, shift earth, backfill, and more
  • Two spectators can watch for free
  • Includes entry to Diggerland for you and two guests

The Digger Driving Experience

As experiences go, this one’s pretty mind-blowing. If you’ve ever gaped open-mouthed at the dexterity of working diggers, or if a JCB calendar is top of your Christmas list, you’ll have a ball at this JCB digger driving experience.

For the more serious student who’s keen to get a handle on the finer points of these mean machines, and who could quite happily discuss backhoe loaders or dig holes from dawn ’til dusk, this could be the making of you. The only problem? Once you’ve climbed down from your yellow perch, everything else just feel a touch, you know, inadequate. And small. But no matter, this might just be the start of a brand new day. You’ve been there and got the calendar. So who knows where this digger driving session could take you?

First things first, let’s talk about the experience. The world-famous JCB logo is a common scene on construction sites all over the UK and beyond, hauling tonnes of rubble and digging trenches that could swallow a house. It’s impressive stuff. So anyone worth their salt would jump at the chance to get inside one. That’s what this experience is all about – and so much more. In your 90 minutes of JCB joy you’ll learn the ins and outs of excavators from Diggerland’s resident JCB experts. They know everything there is to know about these mammoth earth-movers, so get your questions at the ready.

Once you’ve had your intro and safety briefing, it’s time to climb onboard and grip the mighty steering wheel for the first time. Most sessions take place in small groups, with each driver assigned their own personal digger. This is the good bit. This is when you get to try it out for yourself under expert tuition – driving around, using the controls, digging holes, filling trenches, and generally doing all the things you’ve been dying to do since you were about three. It’s intense.

By the time you climb down from your gleaming tower (probably quite mucky by now), your head will be buzzing. It’s fair to say as experiences go, this one is pretty invigorating – and as far from your average day out as you can get.

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there. When you’re not living out your childhood dreams in a JCB earth-mover, you’re free to enjoy the other rides, machines and attractions at Diggerland. It’s a great theme park for kids and big kids alike – and particularly useful if your spectating guests become green with digger-triggered envy.

Technical Specifications

You’ll drive a genuine JCB 3CX backhoe loader which comes with a price tag of upwards of £50,000. This is the original and still the best – after all, Joseph Cyril Bamford developed the backhoe loader concept back in 1953, so you’ll get to climb up and put your foot down in one of the world’s best-known and most efficient working excavators. Save for washing up, there isn’t much this mighty machine can’t do, and you’ll get to grips with its nifty controls, powerful tools and its many different technical features. One word: unforgettable.

Important Information You Need to Know

Your JCB Digger Driving experience lasts for around 90 minutes, which includes briefings, training and driving time. There will be a small number of other drivers taking part so your time with instructors will be shared with up to three other people, but every driver has their own vehicle. So you’ve got plenty of time to get to get acquainted with your shiny yellow steed.

The JCB Digger Driving experience takes place at three Diggerland locations – Devon, Kent and Yorkshire (not available at Durham) – and typically runs on selected weekends between April and October. There will be up to four participants in each group so there are plenty of opportunities to learn from – or scoff at – the other drivers in your group.

It might be a Diggerland experience but it’s not for kids. Drivers need to be over 17 years old and hold a full driver’s license. It’s an experience that sorts the men from the boys in more ways than one and is not designed for belting around a course doing stunts and wheelies – save that for dumper truck racing. It’s meant for those who get a kick out of big boys’ toys and who want to get to grips with real construction machinery – the type that makes excavation and demolition look like child’s play.

If you’re worried about back trouble, old injuries or medical problems, make sure you inform the supplier at the time of booking. It’s not suitable for those who suffer from epilepsy or other medical conditions which make it unsafe to drive and the ground is rough so it can get bumpy – bear this in mind if you’re of a fragile disposition.

We’re talking diggers, so the experience will go ahead in pretty much all weather conditions. That’s what they’re built for, so don’t expect a bit of rain or mud to hold you back. You know what the British summer is like, so do the sensible thing and wear old, comfortable clothes. Pack some waterproofs and bring spares too, because you’ll get to go around Diggerland afterwards and it’s not as fun when you’re cold and caked in mud. Unless you like that sort of thing, in which case fill your boots.

Like we said, the experience includes entry into Diggerland and use of the park’s rides and drives throughout the day. You can bring one or two spectators along to watch you for free, and that gets them free entry to Diggerland too – which will score you some serious brownie points (providing the park is open on the day you visit). Any extra spectators can come along and gain entry for the standard admission fee.

All told it’s a pretty cool experience and one that you won’t forget in a hurry.

A Choice of Venues

The JCB digger driving experience takes place at Diggerland, so you can kill two birds with one stone. First, enjoy a pretty unique experience and 90 minutes of full-on digger joy. Second, give the kids a day out while you’re at it.

It takes place in three Diggerland locations at Devon, Kent and Yorkshire (not available at Durham). Your driving experience gets you and two guests free access to the attractions at Diggerland, providing the park is open on the day you go digger-driving.

There are loads of rides and drives available for kids both big and small, like the Dig-a-Round, Diggerland Train, Dumper Trucks, Mini Land Rovers, Spin Dizzy, and more. Even the 50-foot Sky Shuttle is like an attraction in itself. And of course there are tonnes of awesome diggers and full-sized construction machines to gape at. Tiny truckers that can’t reach the pedals can get in on the action too with all sorts of indoor play areas, family activities and coin operated rides.

Parents, don’t stress. There’s plenty of parking, restaurants, souvenir shops and sensible facilities, so everything’s taken care of.

Useful Q&As

Can I bring my family?
Yes. Up to two spectators get to watch you for free and they can usually sit in on the initial training session too. They won’t get to drive – otherwise that would kind of steal your thunder. Extra spectators can pay standard entry on the day. Make sure any under 16s are supervised by an adult – this ain’t Bob the Builder.

Do I have to share my digger with someone else?
No – you’ll get a digger to yourself. You’ll share the session with up to three other drivers so watch out for them while you’re driving around. And no road rage, thank you – save that for Dodgems.

Is it a competition?
No, not really. Whilst we encourage you to see whether you can dig a bigger hole than a fellow competitor, this experience is more about the finer side of a JCB 3CX. You’ll learn how to master the controls and by the end of the session you’ll be able to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Do I get access to Diggerland?
Yes – assuming it’s open on the day you visit. You might want to check ahead and make sure, especially if you’ve got screaming toddlers in tow. Or your journey home might be pretty long.

What happens if I need to cancel?
If something really exists that’s more important that JCB digger driving, you’ll need to contact Diggerland asap and tell them you’re ducking out. They may be able to postpone your date.

The mighty JCB 3CX

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Sitting in a JCB 3CX

Learning the controls for the 3CX

Sat in a digger

Learning to control the bucket

Brand new machinery

The view from the cab

A view of the front of a JCB 3CX

Event Dates

  • Devon
    • 19 August 2017
    • 20 August 2017
    • 2018 dates to follow soon
  • Kent
    • 20 August 2017
    • 3 September 2017
    • 9 September 2017
    • 2018 dates to follow soon
  • Yorkshire
    • 19 August 2017
    • 2018 dates to follow soon

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What We Think of JCB 3CX Digger Driving Experience Days

4 out of 5

We have rated this experience 4 out of 5 stars. This experience is perfect if you'd like to be able to spend a bit more time in a digger, getting to know the controls better without too much of a competitive element to distract you. You'll learn how to use the JCB 3CX digger for its intended purpose - digging and earth moving. For some, the lack of competitiveness leaves this experience lacking but if you've been Digger Racing and fancy something a little more informative and hands-on, this is the activity day for you.

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  1. My other half will turn 30 in October and I think this would be an amazing gift for him. when will you announce dates for later in the year?

    • @Flo – Dates are usually released around 3 months early. As soon as I receive new dates from the supplier I update this website so keep an eye here for the Autumn dates.

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Hi, I'm Dave, chief test driver, and in 2010 I was sent on an awesome JCB Digger Racing experience day. It was great fun and something that I never would have done otherwise. Bitten by the bug and now considered a JCB addict, I was then sent on the Dumper Truck Racing experience in 2013.