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Fancy a dirty weekend? Ready to feel the earth move? Then we’ve got a treat in store for you. JCB Digger Racing is all about getting down and dirty with extreme thrills and earth-shaking shenanigans. Let’s be honest, everyone and their dog has whipped a sports car around a track, but that’s nothing like a JCB race. So now’s your chance to get one-up and do something your mates haven’t. These 8.5-ton rubber ducks are real construction machines and they don’t take any prisoners. You’ll get to hop behind the wheel of a JCB monster and blast around an obstacle course, grabbing cones and scooting around corners. You’ll tear up the track and see the dirt fly in this hilarious rough ‘n ready day out, which is all about oversized fun and bucket-loads of tomfoolery. Talk about a dirty weekend – by the end of the day you’ll be as happy as a pig in muck.

Digger Racing Overview

  • Race an 8.5 ton digger against the clock
  • Learn how to drive a digger at speed and control the bucket
  • Compete in at least 2 heats
  • Heat winners compete in a Grand Final
  • Price includes entry to Diggerland

The Digger Racing Experience

This is the racing experience that’s all about extremes. Extreme machines, extreme power, and extreme yellow. JCB is a world-famous brand and their top of the range excavators can be seen here there and everywhere, shovelling tons of earth and making demolition look like child’s play. So given the chance to get behind the wheel, anyone worth their salt would be up for the challenge. Of course if you don’t like mud under your nails, may we suggest you look away now. But if the sight of big wheels and caterpillar tracks and tanks and stuff makes you go “Coooool!” then this one’s definitely for you.

The aim of the game is to get first past the chequered flag and be crowned Digger Racing Champion. But it’s not quite that simple. Once you’ve had the safety brief and you’ve been shown the ropes by an experienced digger driver, you’ll be split into groups of 3 or 4. This hapless lot will be your first adversary so now’s your chance to size them up. Then you’ll line up against the motley crue for your first heat. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can blast off and rip round the track before the others have even released the handbrake – speed is important, but so is control and agility. During each heat you’ll be given certain tasks which includes picking an item up in your bucket, holding it, and dropping it in a given spot further around the course.

You’ll complete at least two timed heats against your rivals, and the winner of each heat (that’s you, right?) will go through to the Grand Final. This is what it’s all about – and we’re counting on you to be there! Put your new skills to the test and dig deep to show off everything you’ve learnt about dig-agility. Do that, stick to the rules and be first past the post, and you’ll be Digger Racing Champion – with full bragging rights and a certificate to prove it. Awesome. Later, feel free to parade it around the pub (the certificate, not your digger) to really show off your JCB prowess.

Oh, and did we mention that when you’re not racing diggers, you’re free to spend the rest of the day at Diggerland? Yes, really. It’s like all your Christmases have come at once.

Tech Specs; The Nuts And Bolts Of It

You’ll be driving a real dirt-shifter that weighs in at a hefty 8.5 tonnes and costs upwards of £50,000! The typical spec of these monster machines is usually a JCB 3CX backhoe loader. They’re the ones that you see on construction sites, scooping dirt and driving up and down embankments. They know no fear. These brutes are built with a raising and lowering front loader bucket and a rear excavator, designed to dig and shift tons of earth and rubble. Basically it’s big, it’s powerful and it’s awesome.

Need to Know

Your JCB Digger Racing experience lasts for around three and a half hours. This is the end-to-end experience and includes training, safety briefs and heats, as well as actual driving. There will be several groups taking part on the day across multiple heats, so you’ll have the chance to catch your breath in-between your heats and watch the other pretenders.

The experience usually goes ahead in all weather conditions – so come prepared or you’ll get wet. You should expect to get muddy too, otherwise what’s the point? So do the sensible thing and wear old, comfortable clothes. You might want to bring some spares too, especially if you’ve got a long journey home. Or if you’ve recently cleaned your car.

Participants must be aged 17 years or older and hold a full driver’s license. This isn’t designed for wall flowers so unless you really want to stitch someone up, would-be digger drivers should be up for a bit of adventure and a giggle. On a serious note, it’s not suitable for those who suffer from epilepsy or other medical conditions which make it unsafe to drive. It’s bumpy as the ground is purposefully rough, so bear this in mind if you suffer from back trouble. If you have a medical condition or if you’re in any doubt, make sure you inform the supplier at the time of booking.

This experience includes entry into Diggerland and use of the park’s rides and drives throughout the day. Spectators can gain entry by paying the standard fee, which means they can also enjoy the park’s rides and drives during the day.

Races are held on selected weekends (usually one date per month at each location) from May – September at Diggerland’s Devon, Kent and Yorkshire locations. The Durham location no longer operates this JCB Digger Racing experience.

The Awesome Venue

Diggerland is an adventure park where children and adults can drive real diggers and earth-shakin’ excavators. There are stacks of different rides, drives and activities for kids and big kids, across four locations – Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire (please note that this JCB Digger Racing experience does not operate at Durham).

The parks use real construction machinery in an adventure park setting, and even kids have the chance to get up and put their foot down in a real JCB digger. Now there’s something to make the other kids jealous. There are different activities to suit all ages, especially for older children and big kids who’ll get to try out all sorts of monster machines from Dumper Trucks to Mini Diggers. Try the ridiculous SpinDizzy, get a bird’s eye view from the Sky Shuttle, try a Land Rover Safari, or hurtle across the ground in a JCB challenge.

There are various places to buy food, drinks and snacks, and plenty of picnic areas. There are also merchandise and souvenir shops, so bring your wallet. Or face a temper tantrum (mainly from the big kids – don’t say we didn’t warn you!).

Pretty Essential Q&As if You Ask Us

Will I drive a real JCB Digger?
Yes, really. This is the real McCoy so if you’ve ever fancied yourself a helmet-wearing, page three-reading digger driver, now’s your chance.

What if I crash?
Short answer: don’t. You can read up about it on Diggerland’s T&Cs, or speak to a member of staff when you book. It goes without saying, but don’t expect to drive a digger if you’ve been drinking, or if you’ve taken drugs (Lemsip is passable). If you start causing a nuisance you’ll be unceremoniously chucked out. There, we’ve said it.

Can I bring my Mum?
Bring Mum, Dad, Nan, the missus, whoever you like. They’ll all need to pay the entry fee to Diggerland, and after that they’re free to watch you do your worst. They can also use the rides at Diggerland too. Why not get them to film it, then you can post it up on YouTube and show the world how wonderful and amazing you are – like a digger god!

Who can book the experience?
Over 17s with a driving licence. They also need to have a head for bumpy rides and a bit of clout. No sore losers or anyone prone to a temper tantrum. Come on, you didn’t think we’d let your two-year-old into the driving seat, did you?

What if I can’t control my digger?
We can’t vouch for your driving skills, but we can promise that you’ll be shown the ropes and given tuition by our top-dog digger drivers. They drive diggers every day so they really know their stuff, and they’re very patient too. Listen to what they say and you’ll be fine – feel free to fire questions at them if you’re not sure. Smile sweetly and they might even give you some race tips too. That didn’t come from us.

Can I take my digger home with me?
Aww, how sweet. You’ve formed a nurturing bond between human and machinery so much so that you want to take it home and care for it. Unfortunately that would deprive other people from trying this fantastic experience day so you’ll have to leave the digger behind. Fear not though as you can buy a smaller more manageable digger in the gift shop to remember your experience day or better still you can buy another experience day voucher and rekindle your love all over again in the near future!

Hurrah, I was crowned Digger Racing Champion. What perks now await me?
Sincere congratulations in beating off the stiff competition in what was a hotly fought race. You’ve claimed a prestigious title that your fellow competitors will undoubtedly be envious at and you’ve received a certificate to treasure. Now head off into the world henceforth and tell everyone of your victory!

Is digger racing suitable for stag or hen weekends?
Stag and hen weekends are notorious for being dirty so digger racing is perhaps the filthiest experience around. Race against the stag or hen on muddy ground and see whether they have what it takes to masterfully conquer this challenge. If they can master digger racing then marriage will be a doddle! Celebrate afterwards with a traditional night on the town. Surely that’s the perfect stag / hen weekend?

I’ve booked, but I need to cancel. What do I do?
Firstly, give yourself a good talking to. What could be more important that a JCB Digger Racing challenge? Secondly, call the venue. Tell them that you’re wimping out and they’ll talk you through what to do next. Tut tut.

Digger Racing

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Who will be crowned digger racing champion?

Explaining the controls

A race to the tyre

Picking up the cone

A close race

First to the finish

Event Dates

  • Devon
    • 2018 dates to follow soon
  • Kent
    • 10 September 2017
    • 2018 dates to follow soon
  • Yorkshire
    • 17 September 2017
    • 2018 dates to follow soon

Buy a voucher today and book later! Most of our suppliers offer vouchers that last until May 2018, with some lasting up to August 2018. This is ideal for giving as a unique special gift!

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These dates and times may change and will be confirmed when you book your experience through your provider. Events are booked on a first-come first-served basis so the dates listed above may be fully booked. Book early to avoid disappointment.

What We Think of JCB Digger Racing Experience Days

5 out of 5

We have rated this experience 5 out of 5 stars. This is an adrenaline inducing experience that is like no other. If you have been dumper truck racing then this is the next stage up. You need to use skill, tactics and gumption to beat fellow competitors in a number of high-energy challenges. This experience is great for all types of people and no construction experience is required whatsoever. It's fun for men and women alike and it's even better when you are competing against a friend or family member.

Reviewed by David Fiske on .

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14 thoughts on “JCB Digger Racing Experience Days

  1. Hi, I want to book a digger racing experience for my wife & have two questions: (1) Can I book direct or fo I have to go through your partners shown on the website (2) Can you please tell me if you currently have any availability on Sunday September 1st at either Wakefield or Cullompton?

    • @David Lewis – This is a great fun experience and I’m sure you will have a great time. You can buy tickets for this experience from any of the retailers above. Vouchers usually last between 9 and 12 months so you can choose to book 2014 dates if no 2013 dates suit.

      As for availability, that date isn’t available but I have emailed you the dates that are. The 2013 season is drawing to a close though you can still buy a ticket throughout Winter (they make great Christmas presents!) and book for the 2014 season.

  2. Hi, I’m thinking of buying a JCB racing day for my boyfriend but he works offshore & we have a busy motocross schedule for 2014 so would u possibly be able to send me the dates available for the north of England venues as we are from scotland, also can I get refunded if the dates are no good for us ? 🙂

    • @Alison – The 2014 dates currently scheduled are listed above. New dates will be added through the year but the venues have yet to confirm these. Most experience day suppliers offer the ability to swap your voucher to another experience if the dates aren’t suitable. You should check on each of the sites for full details where this is applicable.

      I hope you do manage to go, your boyfriend will absolutely love this experience 🙂

  3. Please can you tell me how much it costs for entry into Diggerland Kent as we want to gift our son the experience for his birthday and want to make it a family day so we can all come and watch!

    Thank you

    • @Sue – The cost is currently £10 a spectator (charged on the day, subject to change). This is a discounted full park ticket so the spectators can use the Diggerland rides too 🙂

    • @Charmian – The current schedule is shown above. It usually takes place on one or two weekends a month between Spring and Autumn. There’s a lower age limit of 18 but there’s not strict upper age limit. Your partner must hold a full valid UK car driving licence as a minimum though.

  4. Hi, Is there any availability on JCB Digger Rcaing Day
    on June 21st in Yorkshire please? If not, are any more dates planned for 2015?
    Thank you

  5. trying to arrange a special birthday day out. JCB Race Day. Probably about 10-12 competitive guys covering ages from 33 to 70. Looking for a date as near to April 2017 as possible. Can you let me know if there is something planned that we can either tag on to or book.

    • I understand your concern, but Diggerland only reveals event dates in blocks of a few months at a time. Dates for next year are normally available around January.

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Hi, I'm Dave, chief test driver, and in 2010 I was sent on an awesome JCB Digger Racing experience day. It was great fun and something that I never would have done otherwise. Bitten by the bug and now considered a JCB addict, I was then sent on the Dumper Truck Racing experience in 2013.