My Tried-and-Tested Digger Racing Reviews

I’ve been fortunate to have tried-and-tested a selection of digger themed experience days and that was why I set up this website. I had the time of my life and I really wanted to share what the experiences were like first hand.

As a bit of background, I had always adored the world of JCB machinery but had never imagined racing them. I’d always thought of the yellow toned diggers as workhorses rather than play toys. Then when I discovered the range of experience days I was instantly hooked and was keen to try them them out. Hopefully I will work through all of them in due course but for now, here’s what I have managed to review to date:

Explaining the controls

JCB 3CX Digger Racing Review

In 2010 the kind people at Red Letter Days sent me and my father on a Digger Racing experience day at the Diggerland theme park in Strood, Kent. We bought an extra ticket for my grandfather and formed a team of three to race against each other. Three different generations; three heats; one winner. Sure there was an overall winner for the day and as a family we weren’t anywhere near the top of the board but that didn’t matter. It was an action packed half-day jammed full of adrenaline inducing thrills.

Skid steer racing

JCB Dumper Racing Review

In 2013 the lovely folks at Diggerland sent my father-in-law and I on a skid-steer Dumper Truck racing experience day at the Diggerland theme park in Willand near Cullompton in Devon. We raced against each other in a battle for family bragging rights. We may not have won the ultimate accolade of dumper truck racing champions but we had fun trying to win. These nimble robot skid steer diggers are great fun to race in, if a little tricky to get to grips with, especially when one race was fought driving backwards!


Hi, I'm Dave, chief test driver, and in 2010 I was sent on an awesome JCB Digger Racing experience day. It was great fun and something that I never would have done otherwise. Bitten by the bug and now considered a JCB addict, I was then sent on the Dumper Truck Racing experience in 2013.